JoAnn Rovig’s new DVD presentation
The Lymphedema Challenge
A two-disk set offering more than two hours of valuable background information on the causes and treatment of lymphedema, simplified instruction on self-care, the nature and purpose of the human lymphatic system, and the link between lymphedema and nutrition, stress and lifestyle.  Just a few of the items presented in this DVD set are:

  • A simple explanation of the lymphatic system
  • “Nutrition, Hydration and the Lymphatic System” a multi-topic “fireside chat” between JoAnn Rovig and Dr. Raymond Dent, a naturopathic physician with 35 years practice experience – “a conversation about optimal health.”
  • Discussions of proper breathing techniques, skin care and much more, including a bandaging demonstration for the leg, all presented by Lesli Bell, Doctor of Physical Therapy and inventor of the Bellisse Compression Bra, a lymphedema garment designed specifically for breast cancer survivors with lymphedema.

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